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How to perform a landscaping site analysis

Before jumping headfirst into a landscaping project, you need a preliminary site analysis. Essentially, this entails evaluating the existing conditions of your property. The resulting analysis allows your landscape architect to make informed decisions regarding the design of the landscape surrounding your Ottawa home. Here are a few tips to help you conduct a thorough site analysis of your property.


Topography and Hydro-zones

Observe the general layout of your property, noting any distinctive features, such as hills and valleys. This information is critical when it comes to landscape design, as it can act as a determining factor of what work needs to be done and where certain additions, such as patios and pathways, should be situated. You also need to assess the drainage patterns of your land and the moisture levels of the soil to establish the best locations for plants and irrigation systems.


Planting Zone

In order to determine which kinds of plants should be introduced on to your property, you should do some research on the area you live in. The ability of plant life to flourish is dependent on the typical winter conditions of your region, as well as how hot it gets in the summer. Based on this information, you’ll be able to figure out which plants are best suited to be part of your landscaping project.


Site Lines and Views

It’s helpful to evaluate your landscape from more than one perspective, so it’s best if you assess your property from both outside and inside your home. Looking out your windows you might notice some things you wouldn’t have from outside, such as if something is blocking your view or if you feel you don’t have enough privacy.


Hazards and Nuisances

When inspecting the landscape of your Ottawa home, it’s important to take note of anything irritating or dangerous so that it can be addressed by your landscape architect. Nuisances include things such as street noise and visits from wildlife who decide to make your flower garden their own personal buffet. Hazards can be anything from rotting branches on trees to a swimming pool without a gate.


Landscaping Companies in Ottawa

If you’re considering taking on a landscaping project and are in need of professional assistance, look no further than Landmark Landscape. We offer many services to boost the curb appeal of your home, including patios, water features and outdoor lighting. Contact us for more information and to get your free estimate!

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